Today is that day I’ll be making my way to a work that is closes to my purpose. I thought of this day belong one that is hard and one that I don’t want to do. This is a challenge to me. I find writing my thoughts difficult and something that gets to be worked on. So this is the place I’ll do it.. I don’t know much about this platform other than it’s something that I hold value in. There’s a new definition of “Hold Value in” and won’t “ever compromise on” That’s a different conversation for a more philosophical. Moving forward, I don’t have that much in blogging experience or editing experience so that will come with time as the momentum will come to me getting this to look any better or even sound any better. That’s really what I want to do here. Just talk, type, and think through all the things that I could talk about. This being a very open and non centering platform I’ll be going through many levels of control and the world as we know it. I’m going with this self given name of the Great Exposer. That with the vast amount of knowledge and truth to discover and to show.

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